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As a first-time mom-to-be, keeping your baby safe and healthy is your No. 1 priority during pregnancy, so it’s easy to forget about the actual delivery itself. That’s why the expert team at Manhattan Women’s Health on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Tribeca Women’s Health in Tribeca have a certified childbirth educator to answer all your questions and prepare you for childbirth. To schedule an appointment with the team’s childbirth educator, call the office to find out the dates available for prenatal classes.

Prepared Childbirth Education Q & A

What is prepared childbirth education?

Prepared childbirth education prepares you for your entire delivery, from your first contraction to the moment you meet your baby. Not only does a certified childbirth educator teach you about the best labor positions and pain relief options, they also help you prepare you for the normal stages of labor and delivery, so you know what to expect.

An experienced childbirth instructor gives you the tools you need to have a safe delivery, which helps reduce your anxiety as your due date nears.

What can I learn from a prepared childbirth educator?

Depending on what type of childbirth class you take, a certified childbirth educator can help you prepare for the following:

Signs of labor

Movies and TV shows make us believe that labor starts when your water breaks, but that isn’t always the case. There are many subtle labor signs to watch out for, including cramps, back pain, diarrhea, frequent contractions, a dilated cervix, and vaginal discharge changes. A childbirth educator teaches you about these labor warning signs, so you can be prepared.

Relaxation techniques

During your childbirth classes, you learn the best breathing and relaxation techniques to get through your contractions. A childbirth educator can also give you tips on how to distract yourself through the pain.

Pain management

An epidural is not your only pain relief option for childbirth. Demerol, certain tranquilizers, and medication-free pain relief are also available depending on your unique birth plan. In addition to medication education, a childbirth educator can help you recognize the best time to request medication.

Labor positions

Certain labor positions help line your baby up with your pelvis, which speeds up the delivery and helps relieve pain.

Birth plans

Throughout your childbirth education classes, you can consult with your instructor about your birth plan. Whether you opt for a vaginal delivery, C-section, hospital birth, or home birth, a certified educator can help walk you through the best plan for you.

Are there other prepared childbirth education benefits?

Prepared childbirth education classes help you prepare for your own labor and delivery plan, but they offer a number of emotional benefits as well. If you choose a group class, you have the chance to bond with other expectant couples.

These classes also give you a platform to properly address your labor and delivery fears with a certified educator. They may also help you choose the right childbirth plan for you and your family, so you feel as comfortable as possible when you give birth.

Above all else, consulting with a certified childbirth educator helps put your mind at ease and gives you the confidence you the knowledge you need to have a positive childbirth experience. To learn more, call the team or schedule a consultation online.